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Surfing holidays in Lanzarote have been rated as some of the world’s best for a reason! Join us in the “Hawaii of Europe”!

If you have ever been to Famara, you will know what we are talking about. Sun, sand, brown bottoms, empowering cliffs, awesome surf, even better kitesurfing, no hotels, distant islands in the distance, and a slight breeze that urges you to jump in the water. Whatever level of surfing you are currently at there is something to offer you a good time at Lanzarote. Experienced surfers can test their mettle on waves such as La Santa Left (The Slab) and El Quemao – the Pipeline of the Canary Islands. For those with less experienced or beginner surfers there are plenty of beach breaks. Famara is a great place to head for, a huge arc of sand catching the swells for you to surf.

Lanzarote offers World Class Surfing Holidays for All Abilities. Did you know?? Lanzarote hosts over 4 world championships for adventure sports!One of them being the series 4 World Surfing Championships held at San Juan, just to the left of Famara Beach. Others include the PWA World Windsurfing Championships, the hardest Ironman, world go-karting championships, many sailing regattas and triathlons, and not forgetting the off road car rally races.

“Awesome! Great instructor, great service, great hotel…even though I never made breakfast. Thanks fellas.” – Rob Orton

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Important Information

general Info

Our surf school in Lanzarote is very social, there is a local bar next door that attracts surfers from all over the island to mingle and share stories after a days surf. Join us for the unforgettable surfing holidays!

  • Our a surf school is based in Costa Teguise. Our team are highly motivated, professional and experienced team. Surfing is more than just a sport, more than learning how to stand on a board. Surfing is a spirit that we would like you to discover with us.
  • Our instructors have been surfing for over 20 yrs and know the island and sport like the back of their hand, escuse the pun but you’re a in safe hands!
  • The philosophy of the surf school is to provide our customers with professional and individual assistance of a high quality standard, so that everybody spends a really good, fun and safe time with us.
  • Each day our surf instructors choose – adapted to the surf level of clients and the conditions of the weather – the best surf spot for the surf trip, including equipment, transfer and picnic for the day-trips.
  • Each day we depart the resort of Costa Teguise around 9:30am and return around 4:00pm. Lunch is provided on surf days.
  • You must be a minimum of 10 years of age and be able to swim at least 50 metres. And, oh, don’t forget to pack a good waterproof sun block!
Courses & Equipment

Beginners Course (No experience needed)
1 week, 5 full day lessons

Intermediate Course (Must be able to stand up and turn)
1 week, 5 full day lessons

Surfing for a Day (No experience needed)
From 10 – 4pm we will be on the beach playing in the waves

Surf Rental
Know what you are doing and just want to rent a board? Prebook your board and space in the van so you can enjoy our surf safaris. This is only available to advanced surfers who can stand up, turn and surf in any condition.

Surf Boards
We have more than 40 different surfboards, from beginner boards made of foam to long boards and different kind of short boards. INTS, SWELLS, BICS, HANDMADE BOARDS, SURF TECH, EPOXY, RESIN and more. You will generally be impressed by the wide range of boards and sizes we have. The chosen surfboard brands and shapers we are working with are Joyas (, a well know shaper on Fuerteventura, NSP, BIC, Tuff.lite and Surftech. For our “grommets”, meaning our small guests from 6 years old, we have even smaller and lighter boards.

Wetsuits and Lycras
We use mainly Mormaii ( We have suits for kids, adults, small, tall, big and thin people. The quality convinced us to buy from them as our clients were really happy with these trademarks. We offer short wetsuits, long wetsuits for the cold blooded ones, and lycras.

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